The inconvenience of frequent measuring of sugar levels can remain in the history. Now there are far more acheless, yet more accurate and convenient measurements with an innovative devices.
Bondo is a self-monitoring glucometer. It evaluates sugar levels in test-strip samples obtained from a skin prick — usually from the fingertip. Our monitor provides precise, accurate and quick results in real time.

Bondo features


• Guarantee for accurate measurement by visual double check. Compare the color of the display with the color scale on the label of the container of test strips.

• Notification when putting a smaller drop and adding an additional within 10 seconds if the amount is insufficient.

• The meter has the ability to download your readings to a computer or mobile device due to the special app.

Smart functionality

• Visual and audio reminders that notify you for testing two hours after a meal

• Symbol for marking the measured results before and after food to distinguish the values

• Function of data analysis allows you to review the values,​ calculated over the last 7, 14, 30 days


Bondo device has only two buttons which makes it really simple and easy to use.

• The device is small and convenient, so you can use it anywhere you need to.

• When measuring, within seconds, the device detects and provides your results.

No more than a few seconds are necessary to measure your indicators. It aims to help you easily control and monitor your condition, thus stay up to date with the progress of your treatment.

About our product:

Product description

Self-monitoring device


Simple and easy to use

Quick and accurate results

Easy-to-read display


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